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Life coach/mentor



I like to help individuals solve problems of life, profession, and education. The focus of my coaching is to help individuals build self-awareness and a robust philosophical/intellectual framework to deal with challenges. Through dialog and team-work we work together to solve current problems and open up future opportunities. I have worked as a mentor/coach with freelancers and small business owners as well as students and working professionals.


In my opinion, a coach is a person whom you can trust, who is thoughtful and has the benefit of some life experiences, who does not judge anyone, and who offers his full attention. He does not, in most cases, have readymade solutions to offer and honestly says so, but is good at channeling the team energy to get closer to a possible solution.


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If you wish to try using my help for any problem or challenge, please use the following contact information. Remember, help is always available to those who ask for it.




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