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The Power of Programming

Papers and Articles:
This 2-page handout at the MIT Scratch site gives an overview of the idea of "Learning through programming”.

Is CS Really for Kids? This paper explores the mad rush of parents to teach young kids programming and the wrong choices made of programming languages.




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Main page for the CS teaching activity at SPARK Institute





Power of Programming
Articles and papers about programming and learning.




Scratch Page
Main page for Scratch programming.




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Main page for Snap! programming





CS Roadmap for children: This is a suggested roadmap for parents who want to take their children on the pathway of computational thinking and computer science.

Children and Computers: this article introduces the Piagetian theory of learning, and creates the groundwork for the argument that computer programming is an excellent medium for learning, especially for subjects like Math and Physics.

Learning through Programming: This article continues the theme of the above article and demonstrates how computer programming can be employed as an interesting, challenging, and effective medium for learning.

How kids learn with Scratch: Scratch is a fun language; it is also a great platform to make learning happen – of CS concepts, design thinking, and problem-solving.

Teaching Programming in Schools: This article narrates the experience of teaching programming at schools in Pune.

Guided remote learning: Online classes are now a common way of learning. Here is a recommended model that you as a teacher can use. It is a variation of the "flipped classroom" model and can work for audiences of all ages.




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Main page for Python programming



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