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Learn 21st Century Skills through Computer Programming

If you are convinced that learning computer programming is a great idea, you are in the right place. No matter what your age or your previous experience with programming, you will find lots of useful resources on this site including books, articles, course material, and computer programs. And most of them are free of charge!



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Main page for the CS teaching activity at SPARK Institute





Power of Programming
Articles and papers about programming and learning.




Scratch Page
Main page for Scratch programming.




Snap! Page
Main page for Snap! programming




If you are not sure about the power or value of programming, try reading up these articles. They will hopefully convince you that computer programming is indeed a fun, easy, and useful activity for everyone.


SPARK Institute and Publications has published a series of books focused on “Learning CS Principles and Computational Thinking”. Take a look at this list of books.

How to use this site
In the left column you will find material organized according to different programming languages. Material that is generic, i.e. language-independent, is listed below.




Python Page
Main page for Python programming




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Main page for Logo programming






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Last modified: 30 October 2020