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Secondary education in Warananagar, Dist. Kolhapur, India, 1980

BE Instrumentation, COEP, Pune, India, 1984

MS Computer Engineering, Syracuse University, NY, USA, 1988

Software Developer in the Unix Networking and Security fields at Lachman Associates (Naperville), Interactive Systems (LA), and Addamax (Champaign)), 1989-1996

Own venture Disha Technologies (now part of Mindtree), Seattle and Pune, 1997-2004

Executive VP, Aztecsoft (now part of Mindtree), Pune, 2005-2008

Activity since 2008: see the statement below.



My Present Activities:


These days I wear multiple hats: that of a CS instructor, personal coach, and writer. For my work I divide my time between Seattle, USA and Pune, India. I interact (in the capacity of advisory board member) with the executive team at AFOUR Technologies – a software testing firm based in Pune and Seattle. I also work with InPods which makes software products pertaining to “Online Learning”. InPods has offices in Seattle and Pune. Here is my brief current resume. (An aside: In my somewhat distant past I used to be a software engineer, and did some cool work. Here are some details in case aliens come looking for it.)


CS Instructor:

I have been teaching computer programming and computational thinking since 2007 to middle and high school students, college students, as well as working professionals. My goal is to show my students the power and beauty of Computer Science, to show them that Computer Programming is the “new magic", using which they can develop thinking skills, apply concepts of math, and unleash their creativity in practically any field of their interest.


Besides teaching, my work in this field includes writing books, articles, help guides, course material, sample programs, etc., and most of it is available free of cost on the website of a non-profit activity called "SPARK Institute and Publications". Currently, we use the programming languages Scratch, Snap, and Python.


Quick links:

My teaching profile: Teacher.pdf

The works: SPARK Institute and Publications

Sample feedback about my teaching and my programming books: Feedback of students and others


Personal coach/mentor:

I like to help individuals solve problems of life, profession, and career. The focus of my coaching is to help the individual build self-awareness and a robust philosophical/intellectual framework to deal with challenges. Through dialog and team-work we work together to solve current problems and open up future opportunities. I have worked as a mentor/coach with small business owners and freelancers as well as students and working professionals.


Quick links:

My coaching page: Life coach

My coaching/business profile: Business.pdf


Writer and English coach:

I like to write non-fiction pieces about programming, education, personal philosophy, and professional development. I also like to write poetry and stories that touch upon the lives of today's global professional. I have published several books on computer programming and a collection of stories called the Twilight Toast. I have a deep love for the English language, and I help students and professionals improve their written English through personal coaching and reviewing.

Quick links:

My writing profile: Writer.pdf



I am deeply interested in music. I play the violin and the keyboard, and enjoy several types of music. Here is my YouTube channel where I have posted some of my violin instrumental renderings of popular Indian songs. I am a student of physics and philosophy, and like to understand how intelligent people deal with deep questions on reality, purpose, love, connections, meaning, and so on.



What can you find at this website?

I have written articles on a variety of topics - most of them based on my experience of running a venture, customer/team interaction, coaching, and business management. This also includes portraits of some interesting people.


I also like to write for entertainment: primarily poems and short stories - some of them fictional and some based on real-life experiences. Go ahead, take a peek!


Philosophy is one of my favorite preoccupations. Here's a collection of thoughts and ideas that I have culled from my own experiences and observations, books and speeches/articles of wise people, and so on.


I like to write reviews and excerpts of interesting books and movies.


My father and I have a few published books to our credit. Click here to find out how you might get your hands on them.


There are other folks in my family (such as my parents), who are excellent writers. Here are some of their articles and stories.


Finally, just to show that I did not come from outer space, here are some earthlings (circa 2010) that are related to me.



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Everything on this site is freely available for reading/viewing. If you are able to make money using any of it, be sure to send me a small cut. 😊


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